Big Wash Tub Laundry is one of the largest self-service coin laundries in Tennessee. We have over 70 washers and 60 dryers so there is never any waiting for the machine you need. You can wash & dry your laundry in less than one hour. There are 8 sizes of washers (including our newest 100 lb. and 80 lb. capacity washers) and 4 sizes of dryers from a single load to multiple loads in one machine or king-size blankets and quilts. The washers and dryers are the latest models, energy efficient, with many options to fit your laundry needs. See our tips section for cleaner clothes.

You can still use quarters OR your can pay with a credit / debit card, Big Wash Tub Loyalty card OR YOUR SMARTPHONE. No longer do you have to get money, convert it to quarters and then insert the quarters one at a time in the machine.  Our credit card system is a “hybrid” system which means the machines will take credit cards, quarters, or both. If you'd like a loyalty card just email us at  When you get your card bring it to the laundry and use it just like a credit card.

We have 40 well lit parking spaces adjacent to the building. Inside we have bright energy-saving lighting and 24 hour digital security recording. We also have 3 large screen televisions and free internet access for your entertainment while you are here.

If you have received a Big Wash Tub Loyalty Card bring it to the laundry and use it just like a credit card.  To add value to the card go to the website and "REGISTER" and then "Manage" your card. Instructions on How to Use credit /debit card and loyalty cards  Click Here

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