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  • Big Wash Tub Laundromat Inside Store
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The only laundry mat my family uses. Very clean. Very honest business. I've had 2 separate experiences with the machines taking my money. And BOTH times was quickly reimbursed.
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None YU Avatar
None YU
The only place in town I feel like that really gets your clothes clean
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Laken Jarvis Avatar
Laken Jarvis
A little crowded but still one of the cheapest places to do your laundry.
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Katie Perry Avatar
Katie Perry
All size washers, up to 100 lbs.
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Frank Ferko Avatar
Frank Ferko
The machine took my money but I contacted the owner and they was very sweet and I got my money back with no issues at all the best laundry mat around and they are clean and your clothes come out clean
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Laken Jarvis Avatar
Laken Jarvis
Really clean and well maintained. We are traveling around the US and this laundromat is one of the nicest.

We appreciate you keeping $3.25 washers. (Yikes to price per load for new, beautiful machines.) 30 minutes of drying time actually dried loads...unlike most laundromats. Thank you. Cleanliness and fair prices made us feel welcome.
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cynthia willis Avatar
cynthia willis
5 star ratingVery large selection of machines and the prices are reasonable! A good place to get the wash done!!
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Michelle H. Avatar
Michelle H.
Plenty of parking spots!! Some newer washing machines. Great staff!! Closes at 10 p.m. I go every week to wash my comforters
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M D Avatar
Been coming here for years. The on duty manager was able to help resolve an issue with one of the machines in minutes not to mention very friendly.
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Fred Stanfa Avatar
Fred Stanfa
Everything was clean. I only came to use the dryers. My clothes which included jeans and towels were dried in 21 minutes. I put a $5 bill in the change machine and only got 19 quarters. I looked on the floor as 2 quarters fell out on the floor and didn't find any more. Maybe one rolled away. Overall, I would go there again.
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Macie Frederick Avatar
Macie Frederick
The machines are solid and work well. It was soooo hot in there. Not sure if the air was down or they just don’t have any. But in August, it was cooler outside. The prices seem pretty high - I think we spent over $25 doing four loads. But they take credit cards and you don’t have to dig around for quarters - which is nice.
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Paul Joiner Avatar
Paul Joiner
5 star ratingWe landed here after realizing that the facilities at our RV park weren't going to cut it for our laundry needs. This place was clean and spacious. Everyone who was there was so kind and friendly. We chatted with one of the employees, John, and he was so nice, and helpful. The equipment is clean and works well. I used one of the giant dryers and was able to dry 4 loads in one machine. There were plenty of buggies to use for transferring laundry and many tables for folding.
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Annemarie B. Avatar
Annemarie B.
Prices are very reasonable! Very clean.
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Rita Staggs Avatar
Rita Staggs
I like this laundromat ...just wish people could pick up after themselves!! Used dryer sheets, half drank bottles of drinks, and used masks on the floor were a little gross! The gentleman that works there was friendly and seems to care that people have a good experience. I will return because the washers are clean and there are plenty of them! The dryers were great and there was a bunch!
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Joshea Dill Avatar
Joshea Dill
Haven't been in a pay wash for 40 yrs. Big Wash was clean, supplied, and lots of machines. Owner should be proud of themself.
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Dorothy Parrish Avatar
Dorothy Parrish
Clean washers and dryers. Top loading, 40lbs, 60lbs, 80lbs, and a whopping 100lbs washers. Some take cards and others take quarters. Change machine. Soap dispenser. Bag dispensers. Bathroom. Folding tables. Chairs to wait.
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Dee Lovely Avatar
Dee Lovely
Not bad place to wash clothes little more expensive than I expected but made clothes super clean and pretty pleasant experience waiting on my clothes to get washed too
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Ashley Cole Avatar
Ashley Cole
Fantastic laundromat!
Very clean! Nice washers and dryers. Reasonably priced.

Free wi-fi but no chairs or outlets...
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JM Baldwin Avatar
JM Baldwin
Reasonable prices for several sized washers, clean restroom, and comfortable atmosphere.
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Jessica Rogers Avatar
Jessica Rogers
Great place to do laundry at. Prices are a bit high but at least your clothes come out clean
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Karen Phillips Avatar
Karen Phillips
I have been using Big Wash Tub for over a year. It is always clean and I've never used a machine that did not work properly. They have 3 tv's set to different channels. Prices are reasonable, I would recommend it to everyone I know.
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Randy Carl Avatar
Randy Carl
Always nice place to do your laundry. If the employees happen to be there they are super helpful with tips on doing your laundry.
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Sharon Crafton Avatar
Sharon Crafton
Compare to other laundry mat... The owner take pride and keeps it clean and stocked
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Betty Carroll Avatar
Betty Carroll
Very clean, and good machines. Very nice lady that runs the place. Def. recommend.
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johnny c. Avatar
johnny c.
Whats good about this place is that the manager maintains the conditions of this facility and the machines. Prices are average, the managers phone number is posted on signage in large lettering, in case you do have an issue, which did once happen to me. And when I called he was actually glad I reported the issue. 100% of the time I got my laundry clean, and dry which was, of course, the point.
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Lynette M Avatar
Lynette M
5 star ratingGreat place to get your clothes clean,washed and dryed. Lots of parking. Convenient location. Lots of great machines always clean and well maintained. Check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed. 5stars.
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Phillip S. Avatar
Phillip S.
4 star ratingCurrently using washer #17 that has seals broken. Water running down the outside of the machine and everywhere on the floor. No emergency stop to drain the water. Can't open the door because the water level is full, and don't want it to get everywhere. No attendant on site. Tried calling the phone number but no response and left a message. Looked for a mop, and found nothing. Will leave a note on the machine and in the drop box explaining the situation.

Update: Received a phone call just now (2 hrs after). Stated he appreciated the phone call and that the water is cleaned up and the washer is out of service for repairs soon.
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Aaron Y. Avatar
Aaron Y.
5 star ratingThey do sell for a 1$ different detergents. Also, laundry bags. It is 6$ for a regular load. I recommend bring cash. They also have a CHANGE machine. The customers are friendly.
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Shannon M. Avatar
Shannon M.
5 star ratingI can't say I have much to compare to, but this laundromat is sizable, clean, well lit, and has a variety of sizes of washers and dryers. I might have even been slightly overwhelmed with the choices! Some take credit cards, some do not, so choose your unit carefully. There are change machines inside. I brought my own detergent and fabric softener, and did not look to see if they sell individual portions or not. There are drink machines.

I am typing this review on my laptop using their free wifi, which is speedy. It is a fast way to get all of your laundry done at once!!
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Christie B. Avatar
Christie B.
4 star ratingThis is my second time here (second time at any laundromat for that matter) as far as laundromats goes this one is pretty darn awesome! WiFi is available, plenty of washers and dryers to choose from AND they accept credit cards!! Lots of light, no creeps and upfront parking. Not sure if $3.25 to wash and $.50 per minute to dry is expensive or not but I like the place so I'll return!
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LaReana N. Avatar
LaReana N.


1511 Hatcher Lane
Columbia, TN 38401

Open 7 Days A Week
6:30 AM - 10:00 PM